Multiplexed Cloud SOLIDWORKS PDM as a Service

Many smaller manufacturers and engineering firms cannot afford dedicated IT and server resources to fully leverage the cloud for product design collaboration and product data management (PDM). The ability to “right-size” resources is a fundamental benefit of the cloud. Our multiplexed cloud solution leverages shared computing resources to create the manufacturing and engineering industries' first secure and fully managed multiplexed cloud SOLIDWORKS PDM environment for half the cost of other solutions allowing you to affordably leverage cloud resources and improve the productivity of your product design teams.


Multi-Tenant SOLIDWORKS PDM Cloud Server

Not all workloads are created equal. Likewise, your globally distributed engineering and product design teams may have unequal priorities and collaboration needs. We understand that not all manufacturing and engineering teams need dedicated IT and equipment resources. This Multi-Tenant cloud server includes all the security benefits, redundancies and values of our global hybrid cloud, but at a fraction of the cost because this solution provides access to only the resources smaller companies need for multiplexed cloud SOLIDWORKS PDM allowing you easily and cost-effectively implement PDM in the cloud.


SOLIDWORKS CAD Managed Services

We understand that managing and administering a CAD system liked SOLIDWORKS means reallocating some resources from the engineering team that could be better used for designing products. Our SOLIDWORKS CAD managed services offer is fully administered by our SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM experts. When you allow our team to handle updating workflows, system permissions, adding users, PDM upgrades, as well as assisting you as your business grows and your data management needs change, you will see an immediate impact on your productivity.


IT Managed Services

We understand that implementing and maintaining a SOLIDWORKS PDM solution can often be a burden on your server and IT staffing resources. Like all of our hosted solutions, this solution includes our comprehensive managed IT services so that your team can focus on design. We're the IT team for engineers and manufacturers. Let Converge take the IT burden off your engineering and IT team to streamline your product data management solution with a multiplexed cloud SOLIDWORKS PDM as a service.



Is your manufacturing company or engineering firm looking for the easy button on product data management (PDM) vault implementation? If so, our proprietary SOLIDWORKS Axis PDM Vault implementation process can get you up and running quickly. It includes a fully documented PDM vault configuration that contains the summation of the design control process collected through work in diverse industries and it will satisfy the needs of most engineering and manufacturing companies. Whether your company requires the advanced functionality of PDM Pro or is a better fit for PDM Standard, we have the configuration that's right for your business and we can get your up and running quickly to enhance your productivity.

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