Managed SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM Admin Services

What Are Managed SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM Admin Services?

Managed SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin Services (MCAS) is a collection of premium support services specially focused on eliminating or reducing a manufacturer's or engineering design firm's administration burden through proper deployment, utilization, and management of SOLIDWORKS CAD systems and processes.

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What Are the Five Biggest Challenges Faced by SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM Admins?

At Converge, we believe the following items are the biggest challenges:

  1. Lost engineering resources to SOLIDWORKS CAD administration
  2. Engineering and IT department and resource alignment
  3. System deployment and configuration consistency
  4. Process training and workflow standardization
  5. Complete and proper utilization of existing licensing

We’d love to get your feedback on additional challenges you may face.

What Is Our Managed SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM Admin Service Offering?

Our offering consists of a variety of services that focus on eliminating your burden of managing the SOLIDWORKS CAD ecosystem:

  • Premium support services
  • Eliminate or reduce administrative burden
  • Optimize system, process, and license utilization
  • Best practice and ongoing process improvements
  • System and process documentation management

We can even take on the role of becoming your Fractional CAD Administrator.

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What Are the Prerequisites for Working With Us as Your SOLIDWORKS Admin?

We prefer to start our engagement with an Engineer Systems and Process Review (ESPR). This resource is a collection of details that comprise the SOLIDWORKS CAD-related ecosystem and processes essential for creating, managing, and distributing engineering data to internal and external stakeholders. Our ESPR includes the following:

  • Detailed and illustrated Engineering and IT documentation
  • SOLIDWORKS CAD Administration manual/handbook
  • Valuable information that can be a resource for ongoing system support and process improvements
  • Documentation that typically has 5-6 sections of detail and comprehensive recommendations to remediate problems we uncover during the review

To see more about what we include in a review, click the link below to visit our service page.

What Do We Include in Our SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM Admin Offering?

Our offer includes seven core elements, and there are many facets to each element that we can cover on the phone:

  • Comprehensive SOLIDWORKS and PDM services
  • Remote server monitoring and management
  • Engineering System & Process Review document updates
  • Performance evaluations & optimization
  • Best practice and workflow optimization
  • Annual SOLIDWORKS upgrade support
  • New user onboarding

Let us explain our comprehensive offering on the phone so we can dig into the details together.

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What Is Your Cost of Using Employees as a SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM Admin?

Our research using shows that the cost of administration can be high if you choose to allocate an engineering resource as your SOLIDWORKS administrator. Here’s what we found:

  • We reviewed the salary of nine of the most common job titles for engineering resources assigned to perform CAD amin duties.
  • We discovered that the median salary is $96,160. 
  • We believe that the amount of time spent on administration increases with the number of users in a company's CAD ecosystem. 
  • The cost of administration for an engineering firm or manufacturing can be between 10%-25% of a full-time employee or $9,616 to $24,040.

What do you believe it’s costing you to utilize an engineering resource as a SOLIDWORKS admin?

What Is the ROI of Working With Converge as Your SOLIDWORKS CAD & PDM Admin?

As you can see from the two charts in this section, our Managed SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin Services can provide significant savings relative to utilizing an internal engineering resource as your admin. We can take on the role of becoming your Fractional CAD Administrator. In that role, we provide part-time or temporary support in managing computer-aided design (CAD) systems and related organizational processes. Let us reduce or even eliminate the cost burden from your firm and existing resources.

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Ready To Remove the SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin Burden From Your Business and Team?