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It’s Nice To Have Options When Considering a Cloud Solution

3DEXPERIENCE Platform Solution

3DEXPERIENCE® Platform Solution

Make the leap to the Dassault Systems Cloud product and be an early adapter.

Hosted SOLIDWORKS Solution

Hosted SOLIDWORKS Solution

Take a small step toward the Cloud with a hosted solution saving you time and money from a leading SOLIDWORKS reseller.

Converge Has the Skill Set & Experience To Help You Make the Right Choices To Enable Your Digital Transformation

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Engineering Experience

Our products and services are built by engineers for engineers.

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Cloud Experience

Our partner EpiGrid has helped customers host SOLIDWORKS for 10 years.

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Secure & Reliable Access

We ensure your CAD data is secure and accessible to distributed teams.

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Speed to Market

We help you get up and running quickly to realize maximum ROI.

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Why Converge Design?

Our mission is to drive alignment between Engineering & IT teams. We ensure a mutual understanding of your SOLIDWORKS setup, allowing your engineers to focus on product design and development while working uniformly with internal, external, and globally distributed teams. We will guide you through a digital transformation to increase productivity, improve product quality, and meet global competitive challenges.

We offer you a choice between hosted solutions to help you start your journey to the Cloud. Our goal is to empower your engineering team to work remotely, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver quality products to market faster while eliminating IT constraints, reducing administrative burdens, and improving security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Data Management (PDM) is a centralized system that stores and manages product-related data in a secure environment. It enables the efficient tracking of design and engineering data, improving collaboration and accuracy throughout the product development process.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a more comprehensive system than Product Data Management (PDM). PLM covers the entire product lifecycle from concept to retirement, while PDM focuses solely on product design and engineering data.

Cloud-based CAD offers many advantages, including scalability, cost savings, improved collaboration, and access to the latest technologies. It also allows designers to work remotely and provides a secure platform for data storage and management.

Cloud-based CAD is Software as a Service (SaaS) and it runs completely in the cloud in a multi-tenant environment where each client gets their own tenant or space.  The interface is browser based. Cloud-hosted CAD is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and requires installation of the desktop product on a server in a secure hosting environment.  The user interface for the desktop application is the same in both the cloud environment and the desktop environment, but now the local application is more available for remote collaboration. 

Yes, SOLIDWORKS PDM is considered a good PDM choice for most organizations. It is a reliable and comprehensive solution that offers an efficient way to manage product data and help organizations streamline the product development process.

Product Data Management (PDM) is essential for organizations that need to manage and store product design and engineering data. It provides a secure and efficient way to store, organize, analyze, and track changes to product data. PDM also helps to improve collaboration and accuracy throughout the product development process.

A SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional CAD Editor Network License starts at $2,285 as a starting point. Subscribing to this license annually costs $621 and provides access to technical support, upgrades, and many other benefits.

Converge Design recommends the following steps to get the most out of SOLIDWORKS PDM. First, assess your organization's current product development processes and data management needs. Next, establish a well-defined PDM system that meets those needs. Finally, ensure proper training for all users to maximize efficiency and productivity. Contact Converge Design for more information about SOLIDWORKS PDM.

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