SOLIDWORKS Rx Diagnostic Tool

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When diagnosing problems in SOLIDWORKS or capturing the problem for further diagnosis, the SOLIDWORKS RX tool can help. It can also launch two safe modes that are good diagnostic tools when SOLIDWORKS products are acting strangely. (Not available in SOLIDWORKS Connected)

When something is not functioning as expected in SOLIDWORKS, you may want to dig deeper or open a support case with our tech team. The RX package of files can expedite your ticket and help our team diagnose the issues much more quickly. The Rx tool can help to resolve SOLIDWORKS crashes or performance issues as well. The package of files will create a ZIP file.

How to launch the SOLIDWORKS RX tool

There are several ways to open the SOLIDWORKS RX tool.

Usually, typing Rx into the Windows Search menu will locate the RX app; however, you may need to type SOLIDWORKS Rx.

The RX tool can also be launched from within the SOLIDWORKS desktop. To do so, select the Encircled Question Mark button at the top right corner, then select SOLIDWORKS Rx.

The Home Tab

In the initial Home tab, you will see some hyperlinks corresponding to the tabs across the top of the application. You will also see the Safe Mode buttons at the bottom that will launch SOLIDWORKS in specific Safe Modes for testing.

Safe Modes

Software OpenGL mode.

Opening SOLIDWORKS CAD in Open GL Mode will bypass any GPU in use. If you are experiencing graphic anomalies or issues related to the graphics interface, testing using this mode may help identify the issue.

Bypassing the Tools/Options settings.

This mode can be useful for diagnosing issues related to the System Options in SOLIDWORKS CAD. By running SOLIDWORKS CAD in this Safe Mode, you can test and try to reproduce your issue using the Default System Options. All File Location settings, external reference settings, assembly settings, etc. will be reset to the Default Settings only temporarily and only during the open session of SOLIDWORKS CAD.

If you cannot reproduce the issue when SOLIDWORKS CAD is running in this Safe Mode, then that signifies that a custom System Option setting is most likely causing the issue.


The Diagnostics Tab

This tab contains valuable information about your workstation that can help you narrow down an issue with a SOLIDWORKS product.

Please read the information in the Diagnostics tab to confirm that your workstation meets the necessary requirements to run your SOLIDWORKS product.

For example, this tab can be useful for verifying that your GPU is working properly and an approved GPU by SOLIDWORKS Corp. You may also want to verify that you are running the proper GPU driver.


Problem Capture Tab

If you are able to reproduce an issue, capturing the problem can help our SOLIDWORKS Support team dig into the issue and possibly find a root cause.

In the Problem Capture tab, you will see several sections that allow you to gather data. In the Capture section, you can record your screen to make a video recording of the issue. This is a great way to relay information to tech support.

Selecting to include extended logging data may help locate the root cause of an issue. This option requires administrative permissions to be enabled.

To start a recording, select the record button. You may also click the dropdown in the Source section and select a different Source.

The Source dropdown refers to the area or window that will be captured in the recording. You may capture the SOLIDWORKS application window only, or you may choose to capture another window, such as your entire monitor display. Capturing your whole display in the recording may be necessary to convey the details of the issue properly.

Selecting the Record button will open a dialog window and allow you to record the screen. Try reproducing the issue and capturing it in the recording to create a video.

If the SOLIDWORKS program you are trying to record is currently running, you may select to record the current session or restart the program and create a new session for the recording.

Package Files

The next section in the Problem Capture tab will help you package any files related to the issue and add them to the resulting ZIP file for further diagnosis.

You may also Add Files to the package. Adding the SOLIDWORKS files or other file types related to the software issue can help tech support reproduce the issue. Select the Add Files button, then browse to the SOLIDWORKS files to add them to the zip package.

Describing the problem

Select the Describe button to open the dialog window. This is the third section in the Problem Capture tab that allows you to describe the problem in further detail in text format.

Enter text into each field, giving as much detail as possible to assist in the diagnosis. If possible, describe the events leading to the crash or issue.


The final stage

Throughout the Problem Capture process, you will be prompted to browse to the ZIP file containing the information being captured.

You may Exit the Rx tool at any time and/or navigate to the zip file.

If any sections are not completed in this tab, you may be prompted to Continue to the next step.

Locating the packaged files

Locate the zip file and send this to your tech support representative. The default location for the Rx ZIP package is the following.

~Documents\SW Log Files

This completes the Problem Capture.


The Reliability Tab

The reliability tab is a great source of information displaying the recent terminations of SOLIDWORKS in the past 60 days. By selecting each day, we can see termination or exit events and any related Windows log events that may aid in diagnostic work.

Performance Benchmark

Performance benchmarks are often a starting point for optimizing a workstation. To run the SOLIDWORKS Benchmark, select Start Benchmark.

Another dialog window will open and guide you through the benchmark testing criteria options.

When running a benchmark, it is best to close all other applications to minimize the number of variables that could impact performance.

To learn more about repairing SOLIDWORKS CAD products or get additional help with the repair process, contact