CAD in the Cloud Blog Series


Cloud / May 9, 2018


We are committed to CAD in the Cloud. We’ve spent a lot of resources developing Cloud-hosted PDM and SOLIDWORKS VDI workstations because we believe in these solutions and have proven them through many real-world applications.


But there’s still a lot of confusion about CAD in the Cloud. We aim to clear that up and put all of your fears to rest in our upcoming series. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be pinpointing specific areas of concern with regards to CAD in the Cloud and discussing current solutions for SOLIDWORKS Cloud while maintaining an eye on the future.


Stay tuned and we will show you how Converge can be your connection to the Cloud with SOLIDWORKS Cloud. We will delve deeply into the topics of Virtual Desktop Instances (VDIs) as well as Cloud-hosted Product Data Management (PDM). And finally, we’ll discuss the larger subject of IT with regards to CAD and how the Cloud can lessen your IT burden. We hope that you gain some valuable knowledge through this series. Please feel free to contribute to the conversation by reaching out to us at any time.