SOLIDWORKS Cloud Solutions

EpiGrid Managed Cloud Solutions for SOLIDWORKS

EpiGrid, the ONLY certified SOLIDWORKS Cloud Solutions provider for hosting solutions, started providing hosted CAD solutions in 2011. Recognized as the gold standard for hosted SOLIDWORKS Cloud solutions, EpiGrid provides globally available secure public and private Cloud options that eliminate typical IT burdens and constraints.

SOLIDWORKS Global Hybrid Cloud with Azure

SOLIDWORKS Global Hybrid Cloud

Your organization is unique. A hybrid cloud approach provides IT flexibility to combine the right infrastructure for each workload. Our hybrid Cloud leverages three domestic private Cloud data centers located in Ohio and Nevada. The data centers securely connect via our secure global network to dedicated public Cloud Azure resources in the UK and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) to provide you maximum availability, flexibility, and lowest latency for collaborating remotely on SOLIDWORKS product designs in the cloud.

SOLIDWORKS Network and Data Security

NextGen, AI-Powered Network Security features a best-in-class secure global network solution that is the backbone of our hybrid solution. This centrally managed and monitored solution is the lynchpin of our RansomGuard Data redundancy solution and boasts powerful Sophos features such as:

  • Next-generation deep learning anti-virus/anti-malware
  • Next-generation firewalling
  • A/I-driven security with endpoint signaling
  • CryptoGuard - file encryption rollback
  • Advanced intrusion prevention, detection, and threat isolation
  • Self-healing and prevention of lateral movement of threats

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Managed IT Services for SOLIDWORKS Cloud

You want a Cloud solution, but not all the IT burdens that usually accompany it. At EpiGrid, we understand this. All of our SOLIDWORKS Cloud solutions are 100% managed and monitored so you can focus on your normal work without the worries of system maintenance such as:

  • Performance/resource monitoring and optimization
  • Windows OS patch management
  • Network security monitoring and endpoint AV management
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS) - file-level recovery

SOLIDWORKS Cloud Managed Desktops

Are you looking for more effective ways to work remotely? Ever needed extra computing power to offload SOLIDWORKS simulations or visualize renderings? Love your MAC, but need to run CAD? Ever added a new employee or contractor and struggled with delays getting the hardware they need?

These Managed Cloud Desktops boast dedicated resources and are available in various configurations to meet the needs of every workflow. Each instance is equipped with Windows 10 OS and NVIDIA GPUs to give you the performance you expect from a typical CAD workstation on any device. Click below to learn more about Managed Cloud Desktops from EpiGrid.

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Security and Licensing Compliance

Understanding government regulations to maintain compliance across various industries is not an easy task. This is especially true when dealing with engineering and IT teams and their unique compliance requirements. With 10+ years of experience hosting engineering companies, we understand the importance of maintaining compliance.

No matter which government entity is driving your requirements, FDA, ITAR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2/3, Safe Harbor, NIST, or even software licensing compliance like SQL and SOLIDWORKS, our Cloud solutions meet each requirement.

If you’re unsure about your compliance requirements or how to manage specific compliance scenarios, rest assured our team can help you meet and maintain compliance.

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