Wooden Camera Implements Cloud-Based SOLIDWORKS and PDM

“Converge provided me with the SOLIDWORKS Cloud PDM solution that I was looking for. I had those needs, and it met them exactly to the T with minimal issues.”
Michael Tolar, Design Engineer, Wooden Camera


Wooden Camera designs and builds innovative camera accessories aimed at improving the filmmaking experience. Partnering with industry-favorite brands, they offer accessories designed for a number of camera companies, including everything from ARRI to Canon. Wooden Camera prides itself on providing unique camera accessories for high-end Hollywood cinema cameras. Their highly talented engineers and designers sought better remote access for collaboration, PDM for workflow optimization, and CAD management in the ever-changing workplace environment of 2020.

"We needed something to be able to collaborate over the Internet at the end of 2020. I'm a SOLIDWORKS guy, and Wooden Camera had used SOLIDWORKS for 10-12 years at that point, so SOLIDWORKS was going to be what I needed to figure out how to form kind of a remote collaboration solution for us", said Tolar.

In his past work experience, Michael was familiar with PDM. and knew the structure a PDM would bring. Michael knew the control he had using a PDM would allow him to manage access, minimize mistakes, and lead to the cohesiveness of a team. He needed to find a way to incorporate this technology for workflow optimization.

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