Professional SOLIDWORKS / Design Services

Trust our team of skilled engineers and SOLIDWORKS professionals to compliment your internal engineering resources and capabilities by leveraging Converge Professional SOLIDWORKS and Design services to overcome occasional project needs.

Design Simulation and FEA Analysis

Our team possesses advanced capabilities in utilizing Finite Element Analysis to analyze and compute complex simulations for your project.

CFD and Thermal Analysis

Through Computational Fluid Dynamics we can simulate flow behavior through any model/project your team desires within various scenarios.

Concept and Product Development

From concepts to CAD to product, our experience and skills will launch your product development through the finish line.

Mechanical Design and Engineering

Through engineering principles and mathematics, we focus on the specifications to design, analyze, and optimize mechanical structures to fulfill your desires with a variety of specialties.

Rendering & Animation

Bring your design to life through SOLIDWORKS CAD modeling and rendering for a real-life visualization/animation.

CAD Modeling & Conversions

Even the smallest/simplest projects desire attention. Our team focuses on any task at hand to provide sufficient SOLIDWORKS CAD needs including 2D-3D conversions.

Drafting & Detailing

Our team works to completely understand tasks at hand and provide sufficient technical details for any project of your needs.

Technical Illustrations & Documentation

All projects require documentation & presentation, where we thrive to provide fine detail representing the entire engineering process.

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