Vita Inclinata Technologies Implements Cloud-Based SOLIDWORKS and PDM

"Converge is a consolidated support provider for us because we don’t want to bring the IT infrastructure in-house and manage everything when there can be a team of people that we only need 10% of their time a month to communicate some issues with and have things resolved in a matter of hours which is standard operating procedure for Converge."
Derek Sikora, CTO Vita Inclinata


In 2020, Vita Inclinata, an upstart business with an industry-changing rescue technology, was in growth mode. Initially an entrepreneur license customer of SOLIDWORKS, Vita needed a flexible and scalable design environment that would meet their aggressive growth plans.  In this case, cutting-edge technology also required cutting-edge innovation to improve Vita’s product design and development process, as well as workflows through various departments.  With limited available resources to implement and manage such an environment, and no desire to have servers and hardware managed on-premise, Vita looked for a solution provider that could support both IT (Cloud) and Engineering aspects of a complete SOLIDWORKS Cloud solution.

Converge Actions & Recommendations

In 2020, Vita found Converge, and we were able to meet their security requirements by providing a fully managed EpiGrid hosting solution with Virtual desktops for the entire team. Additionally, Vita had an immediate requirement for revision controlled engineering workflow processes with an added emphasis on collaborative design. These requirements led the team to SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM).  Converge implemented their Axis PDM Vault to quickly overcome typical implementation challenges, and further leveraged ongoing SOLIDWORKS CAD Administration Services to fully support the environment. To see a complete overview of the services implemented to support Vita’s growth, download the entire case study. 

Vita Inclinata Results

"We’re happy with our relationship with Converge. If we weren’t happy at this point, we’d find a way to switch service providers. What primarily makes us happy is when we have SOLIDWORKS and cloud-based PDM issues arise, the Converge team is on top of it and that’s how you retain customers, especially in your industry. Also, Converge has the ability to get us where we want to go in the future. The cloud environment from Converge is essential because ultimately we plan to have production capability all over the world and it’s important for everyone to be interactive with one environment."

Derek Sikora, CTO Vita Inclinata

Vita Inclinata Long Term Vision

So, what’s next for Vita? They recently upgraded their PDM licensing to PDM Professional and the EpiGrid Cloud-hosted solution could scale with ease and zero downtime. But with this switch to PDM Professional, they’ve turned their eyes toward further data integration with other departments through advanced ERP implementations. With these powerful SOLIDWORKS Cloud-hosted solutions in place, there are far more avenues to explore for data distribution and collaboration. In the next twelve months, Vita has big plans, and Converge will be there every step of the way to ensure that Vita can scale its operation for the future.

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