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Introducing Multiplexed SOLIDWORKS PDM as a Service

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Cloud,Solidworks / July 20, 2022

Before cloud solutions promised to solve all of our engineering data management and collaboration problems,…

Four Barriers That Impact the Cost of SOLIDWORKS Cloud PDM


Cloud,Solidworks / July 20, 2022

PDM has always been an essential tool for engineers. Still, many engineers and manufacturers have…

Are You Struggling With the Best Direction for Managing SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud?

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Cloud,Solidworks / May 13, 2022

The world of CAD and SOLIDWORKS solutions has changed drastically in the past several years. …

SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM in the Cloud Shouldn’t Be so Hard for Engineering Teams

bridge the gap between engineering and IT

CAD,Cloud / April 21, 2022

CAD and PDM in the cloud shouldn’t be so dang hard for engineering teams and…

We’re more excited than ever to talk about Cloud Solutions!

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News / November 17, 2021

Wow, It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just over a week away. 2021 has been…

A Unique Message, A Unique Solution, A Unique Team

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Announcements / July 22, 2021

A Unique Message, a Unique Solution, a Unique Team   Blue Origin wasn’t the only…

Moog Music Gains CAD Productivity in the Cloud

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Customer Success / January 20, 2021

In keeping with its storied history and reputation for innovation, Moog Music (rhymes with “vogue”) recently…

Celebrating the Next Great Thing this Thanksgiving

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Cloud / November 25, 2020

  There’s much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving… Like new ways to live, work,…

Flatter Files: A Cloud-Based Solution for Data Distribution

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Cloud / May 27, 2020

  We’ve touched on this subject before in various CAD-in-the-Cloud blog posts, but I still get questions…

What Customers are Saying About Our EpiGrid Solution

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Customer Success / May 20, 2020

  Here at Converge, we’ve been focused on enabling remote access for CAD teams for…

Has the Cloud Finally Realized its Potential in CAD?

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Cloud / April 22, 2020

There are several ways in which life will change forever after this Corona-virus pandemic has…

Implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM Made Simple and Cost Effective

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PDM / April 21, 2020

  We are living in unprecedented times with lots of uncertainty. Companies are hyper-vigilant of…

Remove the Barriers to a Remote CAD Team

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Cloud / March 30, 2020

If there’s one lesson we can learn at the beginning of this global pandemic, it’s…

How Converge Can Help Enable Your Remote Workforce: COVID-19

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Cloud / March 20, 2020

We want to take a moment to address the Covid-19 crisis and let you know…

MySolidWorks Professional Now Includes all SOLIDWORKS eCourses

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Solidworks / March 11, 2020

In case you haven’t heard, we have some exciting news to bring you regarding expanded…

Changes to SQL Licensing for SOLIDWORKS Users

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PDM / November 25, 2019

  We try not to get too deep into the nuts and bolts of SOLIDWORKS…

SOLIDWORKS User Advocacy Day 2019


Events / November 12, 2019

  Here at Converge, we’re proud to serve every one of our clients on a…

Why SOLIDWORKS Subscription?

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Solidworks / October 29, 2019

  Here at Converge, we think a lot about SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services. Love it or…

Data Distribution for CAD Users: Part 4

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Data Distribution / October 3, 2019

In the  last blog post, we discussed Flatter Files. The next step in the data…

Data Distribution for CAD Users: Part 3

flatter files diagram

Data Distribution / September 26, 2019

In the last blog post, we discussed the built-in options for automating some tasks using…

Data Distribution for CAD Users: Part 2

data distribution for cad users part 2

Data Distribution / September 19, 2019

In our last installment, we spent a bit of time talking about the data creation…

Data Distribution for CAD Users: Part 1

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Data Distribution / September 12, 2019

“What we’ve found over the past 5 or so years, is that the problems most…

Software Hosting as a Service

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Software Hosting / August 1, 2019

We’re all familiar with the SaaS model, or Software as a Service, whether we know…

Private vs Public Cloud: Reliability and Performance

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Cloud / July 8, 2019

    Over the past several weeks we’ve looked at different aspects of the question…

Private vs Public Cloud: Management of the Solution

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Cloud / July 1, 2019

    Last week in our series on Private vs Public Cloud, we discussed Security…

Private vs Public Cloud: Security and Compliance

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Cloud / June 24, 2019

    This is the third post in our series on Public vs Private Cloud….

Private vs Public Cloud: Pricing

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Cloud / June 17, 2019

    Last week we gave you an overview of the topic of Private vs…

Private vs Public Cloud (Spoiler: Private is Better)

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Cloud / June 6, 2019

    Here at Converge, we’ve adopted the Cloud as a means to facilitate collaboration…

CAD & Data Management Review

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CAD Data Management / May 30, 2019

  If someone asked if you have a documented engineering workflow, would you have an…

Sketch Blocks Part 8

cad design

Solidworks / May 10, 2019

It is finally here! All great things must come to an end and sadly our…

Sketch Blocks Part 7

cad design

Solidworks / May 2, 2019

Last week we looked at converting a complex drawing view into a block to help minimize…

Sketch Blocks Part 6

cad design finger pointing

Solidworks / April 25, 2019

Last week we wrapped up the use of mechanical blocks by checking out Instant3D and learning…

Sketch Blocks Part 5

Desktop cad stock

Solidworks / April 18, 2019

So far we have covered a good bit about blocks, but we aren’t done yet! …

Phillip Lewis: SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer

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News / April 16, 2019

  We’re normally not the type to toot our own horn, but when one of…

Sketch Blocks Part 4

Electrical stock

Solidworks / April 11, 2019

This is the fourth video in our series on sketch blocks in SOLIDWORKS. If you…

Sketch Blocks Part 3

cad design

Solidworks / April 4, 2019

We have come to the third video in our ongoing series on sketch blocks. In…

Sketch Blocks Part 2

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Solidworks / March 28, 2019

Last Thursday we introduced you to the concept of sketch blocks in SOLIDWORKS. Today, we’re going…

Sketch Blocks Part 1

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Solidworks / March 21, 2019

If you enjoyed our SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals video series, then you are going to love what…

Fossil Uses EpiGrid’s Cloud Hosted Infrastructure

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Cloud / February 20, 2019

  We love seeing success stories from our partners and EpiGrid has no shortage of…

Our First CSWA Prep Webinar Was a Success!

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Solidworks / February 14, 2019

    This past December Converge hosted the first in our series of free SOLIDWORKS…

How The Cloud Is Changing PDM

hand moving towards cad design

Cloud / February 7, 2019

  The cloud is a nebulous and unknowable thing, right? Not so much these days….

SOLIDWORKS Tips: Distance Sensors

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Solidworks / January 18, 2019

In today’s SOLIDWORKS tip, learn how to use distance sensors to keep tabs on different features in…

What is EpiGrid?

epigrid what blog image

Cloud / January 10, 2019

Have you heard people talk about the Cloud? Do you still struggle to get a…

SOLIDWORKS Tips: Measuring Internal Volume

training and development

Solidworks / January 2, 2019

In today’s SOLIDWORKS tip, learn how to measure the internal volume of a complex shape within a…

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 8

businessman hand working with a cloud computing

Solidworks / December 7, 2018

Today we bring you the final installment in our Parametric Modeling Video Series. If you…

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 7

cad design

Solidworks / November 30, 2018

Today we bring you the seventh (and possibly penultimate) installment in our Parametric Modeling Video…

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 6

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Solidworks / November 23, 2018

Today we bring you the sixth installment in our Parametric Modeling Video Series. If you…

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 5

cad design finger pointing

Solidworks / November 16, 2018

We originally planned to make this a four-part series, but we have extended it to…

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 4

Fossil watches banner

Solidworks / November 9, 2018

If you liked the previous entries in our SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals Video Series, then you’re going…

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 3

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Solidworks / November 2, 2018

You learned about global variables in part 1, then Matt taught you how to make a curve-driven pattern…

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 2

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Solidworks / October 26, 2018

Matt Perez is back at it again with part two of our parametric modeling video series….

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals: Part 1


Solidworks / October 19, 2018

Our very own CAD-master Matt Perez has just completed a great new video series. Whether you’re new…

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM – Your Guide to the End-Of-Life of this Product


Solidworks / September 15, 2018

  We’ve had a love-hate relationship with the SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM product since it’s inception. This was…

Dont Miss This Must-See Unveiling of SolidWorks 2019 Live!

businessman hand working with a cloud computing

Solidworks / September 12, 2018

    See What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 Tune into YouTube or Facebook on September…

Top 5 Tips to Transform Product Design for Smarter Products

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Cloud / September 11, 2018

  The Journey Toward New Development Approaches The emergence of smart, connected technologies is enabling…

DDB Unlimited Customer Spotlight

cad design

Customer Success / September 7, 2018

  DDB knew they had a great product. Since 1996 they’ve been making NEMA enclosures (made for protecting…

EpiGrid and DesignPoint Announce Exclusive Technology Partnership to Enable CAD in the Cloud


Announcements / September 1, 2018

  Today EpiGrid and DesignPoint announced a strategic exclusive partnership to provide CAD and PDM in the Cloud. DesignPoint is…

Converge Announces Premier Partnership with EpiGrid for Putting SOLIDWORKS® CAD & PDM in the Cloud

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Announcements / July 17, 2018

    Today Converge, LLC announces their acceptance as a Premier Partner with EpiGrid, LLC—establishing Converge…

10 Reasons Engineers Should Be Using The Cloud

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Cloud / July 7, 2018

  The engineering sector is dynamic – the industry may boom, or economies may lull,…

Attention Mechanical Designers:  5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using The Cloud For CAD

cad design finger pointing

Cloud / July 5, 2018

    You use the cloud every day.  It has become commonplace. Email, phone apps…maybe…

How CAD in The Cloud Helped Rocket Mavericks to Soar Above the Clouds

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Customer Success / July 5, 2018

It takes just one conversation with Thomas Atchison to be infected with his passion for…

CAD and PDM Application Management

cad in the cloud

CAD Data Management / June 25, 2018

    SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) is an incredible tool. PDM has been the focus…

Converge’s Private Cloud Solutions

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Cloud / June 21, 2018

We’ve given you an overview of CAD in the Cloud as it stands today. In this installment of our…

CAD in the Cloud Increases Performance and Relieves Administration Headaches

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Cloud / June 13, 2018

Hosted CAD or PDM systems (what we call “CAD in the Cloud”) is an emerging technology that offers many…

Converge Welcomes Kathleen Wilson to the Team

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News / June 7, 2018

  We would like to welcome Kathleen Wilson as the newest Converge family member. Kathleen joins Converge…

Converge Employee Brings Cirque du Soleil Magic to Product Design Using SOLIDWORKS

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Solidworks / May 17, 2018

  Recently, Tim Trainer wrote a SOLIDWORKS blog post on Converge team member Eric Spendlove and his path from…

Your Wingman to CAD in the Cloud

businessman hand working with a cloud computing

Cloud / May 15, 2018

In this blog series, we will discuss how SOLIDWORKS users are leveraging the Cloud. The Cloud is one…

CAD in the Cloud Blog Series


Cloud / May 9, 2018

  We are committed to CAD in the Cloud. We’ve spent a lot of resources…

Converge Sees a Cloudy Future…And so Do Gartner and CloudTech

cad design finger pointing

Cloud / April 19, 2018

  Gartner believes that by 2020, a ‘no-Cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’…

SILVER LININGS: Eight Reasons to Move to the Cloud

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Cloud / March 15, 2018

  In a recent article posted in the online Dassault Systèmes magazine Compass, they outlined…

Converge Announces Launch of Company that Enables Leading Edge Product Development Environment by Leveraging the Cloud

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News / February 5, 2018

Today Converge formally announces they are open for business. Converge provides services and products that…