Professional SOLIDWORKS Training Services

It’s Nice To Have Options To Fit Your SOLIDWORKS Needs

Project Based Learning

Engineering projects are no simple task, which can sometimes lead to road blocks with progress. With your project, our SOLIDWORKS expert techniques will guide your team step by step as an active learning environment. Your team will gain project specific SOLIDWORKS knowledge while simultaneously completing the project.

Available in Blocks Of Time (BOT), this offering includes a cycle of services: Discovery Consult, Project Solutions, Training Delivery, 1V1 Post Training Support

Curriculum Training

What’s your training strategy? Are you skill constrained? Are you interested in improving your SOLIDWORKS skills and techniques following pre-determined and structured teaching material?

A total defined structure/curriculum will allow students to thoroughly practice and understand SOLIDWORKS techniques to overcome your SOLIDWORKS desires. This training occurs as a classroom type structure, covering the basics up to the ninja level techniques.

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