Converge Employee Brings Cirque du Soleil Magic to Product Design Using SOLIDWORKS

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SOLIDWORKS / May 17, 2018


Recently, Tim Trainer wrote a SOLIDWORKS blog post on Converge team member Eric Spendlove and his path from designing feats of entertainment with Cirque du Soleil to making real-world products with SOLIDWORKS product design.

Eric Spendlove began his design career by helping a friend with his entertainment production company doing simple design and fabrication. This is where he learned the fundamentals for the props, rigging, and structures needed to support performances.


This hobby led to work with one of the world’s best-known brands, Cirque du Soleil, helping them to create wonder and awe. What he learned is that mechanical engineering plays a pivotal role and so began his quest for the tools of his trade, starting with SOLIDWORKS product design tools.


Spendlove now has achieved a plethora of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD certifications, including Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) in Mechanical Design, Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Drawing Tools (CSWPA-DT), Advanced Weldments (CSWP-WD), Advanced Surfacing (CSWP-SU), Advanced Sheet Metal (CSWP-SM), Advanced Mold Tools (CSWP-MT), and Model-Based Definition (CSWP-MBD).

Spendlove has joined the Converge team as a Field Representative. Converge serves companies nationwide with products and services to help them build product development environments that operate at peak efficiency and are cost-effective. Significant differentiators for Converge included hardware provisioning (Cloud and on-premise) and on-demand design/engineering services. For select areas, Converge is also a certified value-added SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Reseller (Northern CA, NV, Western CO, GA, SC, and NC).

In the SOLIDWORKS blog post, Trainer wrote, “‘[W]ith SOLIDWORKS skill I can design just about anything, allowing me to shift from industry to industry,’ said Spendlove. When speaking about leaving entertainment, he said, ‘In an oddball kind of way, being new to an industry is an advantage because I have a completely different way of thinking about it.’ Most recently, Spendlove designed a minimally invasive, orthoscopically inserted knee replacement, which is currently in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process.”

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Tim Trainer is a freelance writer who has written professionally about CAD/CAM/CAE since the early 1990s.