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Many manufacturers and engineers waste valuable engineering resources on SOLIDWORKS system administration. While there are other challenges to managing CAD systems, such as underutilizing existing licenses and poorly documented systems and processes, we see too many engineers dragged away from their primary jobs to act as SOLIDWORKS admins and trainers. 

We help manufacturers and engineering firms document one source of truth for the company in managing CAD data, licenses, IT network infrastructure, process workflow, and revision management. In our 30-minute session, we’ll cover three main topics:

  1. What are the biggest problems the software creates for your business?
  2. What are some solutions to these problems?
  3. How can a document outlining systems and processes for distributing CAD data to internal and external stakeholders help you achieve greater ROI?

If you’d like to see a sample of the documentation, we can share that in our initial meeting.  We’ve been helping engineering and manufacturing teams improve their processes for ten years.

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