Converge Sees a Cloudy Future…And So Do Gartner and CloudTech

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Cloud / April 19, 2018

Gartner believes that by 2020, a ‘no-Cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today.

Cloud computing is moving in. Most people don’t even think about how much they are leveraging the Cloud. It is pervasive, and for good reason. Businesses have realized they can reduce capital expenditures (CAPx) and IT management headcount while increasing flexibility to respond to business needs. And one of the most significant benefits is stakeholder access to data, which allows them to perform their jobs from anywhere.

Adopting a Cloud strategy does not have to be a big leap. In fact, it shouldn’t. Each business function should be evaluated, and a transition process defined. Converge offers a hybrid approach to CAD in the Cloud. This simply means we can blend your on-premise computing with Cloud computing.

Here is an example: Converge using EpiGrid’s CAD-in-the-Cloud™ VDIs, can virtualize a CAD workstation using SOLIDWORKS ® or any other 3D CAD system, complete with NVIDIA ® GPUs. This CAD-in-the-Cloud™ virtual workstation running SOLIDWORKS can be accessed by “virtually” anyone, anywhere, on a wide range of devices including a lightweight laptop like a ChromeBook® or even an Apple® iPad®. The road warrior designer will access the company’s files or PDM just like that designer in the home office sitting behind an on-premise workstation…seamlessly.  And the SOLIDWORKS Cloud PDM environment can be on-premise or in-the-Cloud, with a hybrid approach, it just doesn’t matter.

In the article Leaving a Legacy Behind – A Cloudy but Profitable Future, March 18, 2018, Ann Maya writes, “Moving more workloads to the cloud means less investment in infrastructure management and maintenance – this allows IT to focus on innovation and staying competitive.” We couldn’t agree more. Many Converge customers completely outsource their IT management to us.

Maya also wrote, “As the cloud footprint expands, the risk and complexity of securing, managing and ensuring compliance for multiple environments increases.” We say yes, but…Converge has adopted a private Cloud approach. By default, companies are using public Clouds, popularized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others. A private Cloud offers leaps forward in security and control. Engineering data needs the highest level of security and a private Cloud for SOLIDWORKS Cloud can provide it.

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