Don’t Miss This Must-See Unveiling of SOLIDWORKS 2019 Live!

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SOLIDWORKS / September 12, 2018



See What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 Tune into YouTube or Facebook on September 12 at 11:00 AM EST to see the live unveiling of SOLIDWORKS 2019

Tune in on Wednesday, September 12th starting at 11:00 AM EST as we unveil SOLIDWORKS 2019 and all the new capabilities and enhancements that will help you go from design to finished products faster; to beat your competitors to market and improve your bottom line.

You’ll SEE demonstrations of the product, HEAR 2019 product details from the R&D team and LEARN how these user-driven enhancements focused on the below areas will improve your design-to-manufacture process.

  • Design to Manufacture– Go from concept to manufactured parts even faster
  • Attention to Detail– Powerful enhancements to create a more complete digital representation of your design
  • Performance Faster large assembly design, rendering, and collaboration
  • New Technology– Increased productivity when using the latest Touch-enabled devices and extended reality tools
  • Collaboration Communicatedesigns more easily with features like the new 3D Markups and the enhanced Defeature

If that weren’t enough, don’t miss out on hearing from our featured customer, Greg Green from CANADA FRANCE HAWAIIAN TELESCOPE –as he shares the story of this state-of-the-art astronomical observing facility and how they use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

This is a must see event; with some surprises, so be sure to check out Facebook or YouTube to get notified when we go live on September 12th starting at 11:00 AM EST and throughout the day.

Watch on YouTube.

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Work Different | Work Better ™
A Cloud-Based Product Development Environment that Fits Your Team

Converge offers a new SOLIDWORKS reseller experience. Our mission is to work with you to deploy the most ideal product development environment for your company. Cloud-computing is a game-changer, and we know how to leverage it for you.

We know your pain. Our founders are engineers who have eight product development related patents. We hire people with SOLIDWORKS reseller certifications but also people with real-world product development experience.

We are a SOLIDWORKS Reseller, and through our partners, we deliver Certified SOLIDWORKS Solutions across all industries. We wrap SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD products with a host of other services and solutions that give you a menu of options for optimizing your product development environment. Our solution set will empower remote workers, enable seamless collaboration, provide on-demand scaling, remove IT admin burdens, and eliminate the need for technology refreshes, together creating a powerful product development environment that will save you money and help you achieve better business outcomes.

Converge combines Cloud and On-Premise computing and provides the IT managed services to make it work seamlessly. Forget about it, leave the details to us, from security to backups and everything in between.

Work Different in order to Work Better. Converge offers the following products and services:

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Sales and Support: We are SOLIDWORKS experts with real-world experience.

Engineering Workstations, Virtual and On-Premise: We deliver Cloud-computing VDIs for SOLIDWORKS; scale users, scale capabilities, and access from anywhere. We are also Dell’s largest MCAD workstation reseller. We do a hybrid approach, Cloud and On-Premise, and we will work with you to determine the right strategy.

PDM Implementation & CAD/PDM Administration: Our proven proprietary implementation approach provides engineering best practices and workflows in as little as a week, with immediate return on investment. And we will provide professional remote management services, both IT and application-specific, across the entire SOLIDWORKS product line.

Design & Engineering Services: Use our pool of licensed Professional Engineers and Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts & Professionals with practical, real-world experience from the trenches to augment your projects on demand. We also provide manufacturing support.

Training: Our approach to training is unique. Whenever possible, we will design your SOLIDWORKS training curriculum around your own models and challenges; what we call project-based training. We are also able to leverage our Cloud resources to provide a completely virtual training room experience.