How CAD In The Cloud Is Changing PDM

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Cloud / February 7, 2019


The cloud is a nebulous and unknowable thing, right? Not so much these days.

A short 5 years ago, engineering data management and data security were at risk when cloud computing and hosted environments emerged. However, with those data security risks being mitigated by cloud providers, more and more businesses are less comfortable maintaining annual sunk costs in their server infrastructure and have begun leveraging emerging tech!

To stay competitive in this volatile market space of engineering data, big name companies are outsourcing their server infrastructure to hosted platforms to the leader in hosted cloud PDM, Converge, and outsourcing their service needs to trusted names in the industry like equivaQ Software.

With automation within reach, more businesses find it less cost-effective to also organically grow their own PDM admin team expertise and leverage experts in the field like Tim Webb.

We wanted to know, so we asked Tim what were some of the most pressing problems some of his clients and potential customers were bringing to him. This is what he had to say:

“These are the common risks we encounter when talking with potential customers about server infrastructure:

  1. Is the data encrypted at rest?
  2. Is the data encrypted in transit?
  3. What are the uptime stats?
  4. Is there a plug-and-play option for migrating our data to the cloud?
  5. Is this cloud hosting company insured?

And, of course, potential customers are always looking for an edge when shopping around. Aside from affordability for the company, customers need to also be aware of common pitfalls and risks when choosing “cheaper” PDM software and experts.




These are common risks when considering outsourcing your PDM administration needs:

  1. Are the team members known in industry?
  2. Do they carry certifications by SOLIDWORKS to handle SOLIDWORKS Cloud?
  3. Can they handle very large replicated vaults? Like 2,000,000 files or more replicated around the globe?
  4. Can they provide API guidance for automation of PDM?
  5. What is the commitment level? Can we pay month to month?”

The solutions equivaQ and Converge have developed are based on real-world exposure to industry demands. They have boots on the ground every day working with the PDM team just like yours. You can trust The Q and Converge to meet your growing PDM needs and prepare you for the future and keep you competitive in your space with CAD in the Cloud.