How To Fix “The Source Folder Is Not Versioned Properly” SOLIDWORKS Error?

Tech Help / January 30, 2024


Many engineers and product designers struggle with errors in SOLIDWORKS from time to time. An installation error that may occur when modifying an existing SOLIDWORKS installation is the error described below.

The source folder is not versioned properly.

This SOLIDWORKS error usually means exactly that the file is missing. We can create the .id file and add it to the proper folder to resolve the issue.

  • Step 1. Open the Notepad application in Windows
  • Step 2. Enter the version of SOLIDWORKS that you are attempting to modify or install.

The screenshot below shows the formatting. SOLIDWORKS 20xx SP0x

  • Step 3. Save the notepad document and name the file swdata99 (it will automatically receive the .txt file extension, which we will change later). Save the file in the location of the SOLIDWORKS download media. The default location is ~Documents\SOLIDWORKS Downloads\SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP05

  • Step 4. Close the Notepad application and browse to the location where you saved the text document.
  • Step 5. Rename the document to verifying that the file extension is .id and does not remain .txt

If your Windows Explorer application is not showing file extensions, select View, then select Show, then check the box File name Extensions. (Windows 11)

As shown in the figure below, the .txt file extension needs renaming.

The figure below shows that the file extension has the correct name.

Your SOLIDWORKS Installation should now be able to be modified without the versioning error popping up. Look out for more blogs about SOLIDWORKS errors, and feel free to check out how Converge can help you move SOLIDWORKS to the cloud or assist with outsourced SOLIDWORKS administration services.