Phillip Lewis: SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer

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News / April 16, 2019


We’re normally not the type to toot our own horn, but when one of Converge’s very own achieves an accomplishment that’s worthy of recognition, we want to share that with our clients. Recently, our technical team lead, Phillip Lewis, achieved the coveted designation of SOLIDWORKS Elite Applications Engineer. Equally as impressive is the fact that he was able to complete this respected achievement in just 10 months.


Just to put that in perspective, there are only about 1,000 people worldwide who have been given the award of Elite Applications Engineer since the year 2000 and most of them took years to get there. The requirements for this achievement are far-ranging. Phillip had to pass a staggering amount of SOLIDWORKS Certification exams while maintaining strong participation in the SOLIDWORKS forums and demonstrating the ability to teach a course on any given subject. Phillip set his sights on this goal and made it a reality.

With the addition of Phillip’s status as an Elite Applications Engineer, Converge can boast three employees who have achieved the designation, including Christopher Castle and Ben Rosow. This is yet another example of the emphasis we put on supporting our customers technically, so that they get the right answer the first time when things deviate from the expected.

We hope that you get a chance to be supported by Phillip and his team in the near future, and hopefully you’ll get a first-hand glimpse into how we enable you to Work Different, Work Better.