SOLIDWORKS Sketch Blocks Video Tutorial| Part 5

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SOLIDWORKS / April 18, 2019

So far we have covered a good bit about blocks, but we aren’t done yet!  Now that we know how to make and use blocks for mechanical motion in sketches, lets take a look at Instant3D and the ability to move parts around in a part file.  We will talk about some of the pros and cons of this process and outfit you with the knowledge to apply it to your designs. This is the fifth video in our series on sketch blocks in SOLIDWORKS Sketch Blocks. If you aren’t already familiar with sketch blocks, I recommend you start with the first video in the series. If you have SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD 2019 and want to follow along, you’ll need this part file. Watch our latest tutorial and fire up SOLIDWORKS Sketch Blocks on a second monitor so you can follow along.