SOLIDWORKS Cloud Solutions for Engineering Teams

Remove Your IT Burdens and Constraints with Cloud-Based SOLIDWORKS Software

The SOLIDWORKS Software You Know and Love Without the IT Headache

Engineering software and data are complicated. Any engineering or IT professional that has dealt with deployment, maintenance, and administration of SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, Product Data Management, or other similar 3D CAD software, knows that there are seemingly infinite moving parts to consider. With pitfalls at every link in the chain, it’s easy to see why engineering groups often miss out on key functionality that will enhance productivity just because it’s “not what some IT teams do.” Click below to learn how Converge and EpiGrid integrate each component of the modern SOLIDWORKS workflow into our SOLIDWORKS hosting as a service solution.

Change to Your SOLIDWORKS Environment Is Hard, but It Doesn’t Have To Be

We understand that change can be a hindrance to productivity. The common mantra of engineering professionals is usually “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” And SOLIDWORKS has been one of those software tools that work well for its intended purpose. Most engineering teams don’t have any issues creating 3D data and using it to build parts, assemblies, and entire machines. The breakdown usually occurs in the management or distribution of that SOLIDWORKS data. We’ve designed our cloud-based SOLIDWORKS software solutions to seamlessly integrate into your existing SOLIDWORKS infrastructure while introducing the least amount of change to your daily engineering workflows. Introducing modern Cloud-tools shouldn’t require a whole upheaval to your current workflow. Click below to learn how other companies have deployed these SOLIDWORKS-in-the-Cloud tools with great success.

But What About SOLIDWORKS Cloud Network Performance?

Performance is always one of the top considerations for engineering professionals. As a result, we’ve made system performance a top priority. We designed our Cloud-hosted infrastructures to maximize network bandwidth, file transfers (check-out/in), and ultimately the entire user experience. We often encounter engineering groups that have previously invested in expensive SOLIDWORKS Cloud tools only to abandon them after a rocky deployment phase with unresolved performance issues. A cloud-based SOLIDWORKS system is only as good as it is adopted and used. And don’t forget about reliability – our Cloud-hosted servers operate with a 99.9% uptime guarantee so that performance is always at your fingertips no matter where or when you access them. Click below to learn more about how we can help you work more efficiently.

What About SOLIDWORKS Product Data Security? Cover Your Assets.

Data security is the core of why Converge and EpiGrid exist. Not long ago, a local server in an office or central office location stored all engineering product data. Data security was deceptively easier because all data was consumed and controlled in one single place. In the last few years, Data security against malicious attacks is more top of mind with the shift to a more remote workforce collaborating from home, airports, job sites, and coffee shops. Explore how Converge can manage and secure your product and engineering data, making it safer now than it ever was in your office. Click below to learn about our data security protocols.

Does Your Engineering Team Work Remotely?

Whether your engineering team operates in one office, two offices, ten offices, or no offices, Converge and EpiGrid can provide your team with a fully managed Cloud-hosted SOLIDWORKS infrastructure that securely ties into your existing IT environment. Together with EpiGrid, we are an IT company that speaks SOLIDWORKS and engineering. We’ve invested heavily in private, public, and hybrid Cloud resources to seamlessly integrate your existing engineering data and tools with the rest of the office. Click below to learn more about how we enable seamlessly distributed workforces.

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