SOLIDWORKS Desktop as a Service

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Comprehensive SOLIDWORKS & Add-in Integration Support Services

PDM, CAM, Electrical, Simulation, Toolbox, the list goes on and on. SOLIDWORKS alone can be overwhelming to manage all by itself, never mind all the add-ins you count on to work flawlessly alongside your chosen CAD tool. Our Managed Services ensures all of your tools are properly integrated and functioning as expected.

Client Installation Planning and Support

Installation and deployment of SOLIDWORKS to clients is not a trivial task. Whether done individually or in mass from an administrative image, there are many variables to consider and detailed planning to ensure a successful installation. Let Converge manage your SOLIDWORKS applications and ensure they are installed and working properly.

Yearly Upgrades (SOLIDWORKS and PDM)

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it," this is the motto that most companies follow when it comes to upgrades. Companies need to upgrade each year to take advantage of new features or bug fixes but don't want to risk the unexpected issues that follow. Allow us to guide and execute your yearly upgrades so you can enjoy the benefits of the most current version of SOLIDWORKS without unexpected consequences.

PDM Vault Management (workflows, permissions, users, etc.)

More than any other tool in the SOLIDWORKS suite of applications, PDM requires a special skill set of IT and CAD expertise to manage. Commonly, PDM issues manifest as IT issues and vice versa. We leverage our expertise to implement data management best practices, develop workflow processes, manage users, and access permissions so you can focus on design and engineering, not PDM.

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