SOLIDWORKS Training Fundamentals: Part 3

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SOLIDWORKS / November 2, 2018

You learned about global variables in part 1, then Matt taught you how to make a curve-driven pattern in part 2. Today in our SOLIDWORKS video training Matt is going to show you that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Instead of using a curve-driven pattern, this time you’ll be using an equation-driven pattern to make holes in a plate. This relies on a part file that you would have made if you followed along with part 2, so you may want to watch that installment first. If you’re sick of curve-driven patterns and want to get straight to the equations, then you can follow along using this SOLIDWORKS 2018 part file. Watch the third installment of our SOLIDWORKS training below. We recommend expanding it to full screen and following along in SOLIDWORKS on a second monitor if that’s an option for you.