SOLIDWORKS Training Fundamentals: Part 8

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SOLIDWORKS / December 7, 2018

Today we bring you the final installment in our Parametric Modeling Video Series of SOLIDWORKS training. If you haven’t seen the others yet, go check out Part 1 as each episode builds on the last. This one is all about DriveWorksXpress. This is a free tool that comes standard with every license of SOLIDWORKS and is ideal for everyday repetitive design tasks. This tutorial builds upon and relies on a part file that you would have created in the sixth episode, so you may want to do that tutorial first. If you want get straight to DriveWorksXpress, then we’ve got you covered. You can get the SOLIDWORKS 2018 part file here. Watch the eighth installment below. We recommend expanding the video to full screen and following along in SOLIDWORKS on a second monitor if that’s an option for you during our SOLIDWORKS video training.