The Current Computer Identifier Does Not Match the Previously Used Computer Identifier

Tech Help / April 2, 2024


In the SOLIDWORKS 2024 release, some users are experiencing an error after upgrading when attempting to reactivate the software. The error states: The current computer identifier does not match the previously used computer identifier.

This usually only occurs when upgrading from a previous version or when a previous version is installed on the same machine.

The FLEXnet licensing software that comes with SOLIDWORKS has been updated in the 2024 release. This service runs in the background, and an error occurs during activation when a new Computer ID is generated.

You can purchase SOLIDWORKS CAD desktop licenses in two forms: Network Licensing and Standalone Licensing.

How to fix this error for Network Licensing:

  1. Before upgrading, open the SolidNetwork License Manager and deactivate the license. 
  2. Next, upgrade the License Manager to 2024.
  3. Once you complete the upgrade, launch the 2024 SolidNetwork License Manager, then follow the prompts to reactivate the licenses. 

How to fix this error for Standalone Licensing:

  1. Open the SOLIDWORKS CAD application before upgrading or installing 2024, then deactivate the license. 
  2. Next, upgrade the SOLIDWORKS CAD application to 2024.
  3. Reactivate the new 2024 license in SOLIDWORKS CAD 2024. 

If an error occurs after attempting the steps above, contact Your SOLIDWORKS Reseller will need to assist you in resolving the error after upgrading.

Look out for more blogs about SOLIDWORKS errors, and feel free to check out how Converge can help you move SOLIDWORKS to the cloud or assist with outsourced SOLIDWORKS administration services.