The SOLIDWORKS Cloud Bundle Brings Together the Best of Design Apps

Cloud,SOLIDWORKS / November 29, 2022

The latest SOLIDWORKS cloud offer has brought together nine brand new powerful next-generation design apps on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The newest offer brings together these apps for a comprehensive product development software solution. Here’s what you need to know about SOLIDWORKS cloud.

Using Design Apps on the Cloud

The most powerful part of SOLIDWORKS Cloud is that you can access the apps from anywhere. Collaboration is easier than ever and

What’s Included with SOLIDWORKS Cloud

When you sign up for SOLIDWORKS Cloud, you get all of the apps listed above and the following additional benefits:

  • SOLIDWORKS Drafter
  • SOLIDWORKS 3D Sculptor
  • SOLIDWORKS 3D Render
  • SOLIDWORKS 3D Creator
  • And much more!


1) Unlimited storage for your designs

2) Access to the latest updates and features

3) No installation required

4) Easy access from any device


SOLIDWORKS Cloud includes the latest design apps and tools. These apps have powerful capabilities that allow you to create and edit designs quickly and easily. Collaboration and data management are two of the biggest benefits of SOLIDWORKS Cloud, bringing your team together to work on projects on the same powerful SOLIDWORKS platform you know and love.

Building Complex Models

Thanks to the power and capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS apps, you can create incredibly complex models. With SOLIDWORKS Electrical, for example, you can create models of electrical systems and components. You can also use SOLIDWORKS Manufacturing to create complex three-dimensional models of objects for manufacturing.

Creating Components for Sheet Metal

With SOLIDWORKS Inventor, you can create components for sheet metal and other metal products. You can also use SOLIDWORKS Inventor to create models of objects that you can fabricate using 3D printing.

Creating Complex Surfaces

With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can create realistic 3D models of objects and scenes. You can use SOLIDWORKS Simulation to create models of vehicles, buildings, and other objects.

Automating Tasks

With SOLIDWORKS PerformancePoint, you can automate tasks and processes in your designs. You can use SOLIDWORKS PerformancePoint to create performance estimates, create test plans, and more.

Get Started with SOLIDWORKS Cloud from Converge Design

Converge Design can help you get started with SOLIDWORKS Cloud. Our SOLIDWORKS hosted as a service gives you and your team access to the latest design apps and tools, no installation required. You can use Converge Design’s solutions to manage your designs and data, and to collaborate with other team members on projects. Contact us to speak with a CAD expert today.