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SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin Services and PDM Application Management

CAD Data Management / June 25, 2018



SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) is an incredible tool. PDM has been the focus of a large part of our business because we believe in its value so much. But the fact remains that PDM users account for only 20% of all SOLIDWORKS users. We still see it as the #1 underutilized tool in the entire SOLIDWORKS suite. And among those who have already invested in PDM, very often the implementation of it leaves something to be desired. Many companies limp along with misconfigured workflows, confusing file structure, etc., or worse yet, they get frustrated and abandon it altogether. That’s why we offer SOLIDWORKS CAD admin services.

PDM is our passion and we can help you implement the tool to ensure success with it, but what then?

PDM is a living, breathing tool, with a fluctuating user base and vault size. Therefore, it becomes important to designate a CAD Admin. Ideally, a company can justify a full-time position dedicated to administering the PDM vault, but very often a SOLIDWORKS user gets wrangled into the position and has to perform his or her normal duties while ensuring that the PDM vault is always accessible to the user base.






There’s another option. Remote vault administration has always been difficult due to the nature of PDM and server architecture. However, thanks to our work with Cloud-hosted PDM vaults of all shapes and sizes, we’ve developed a rock-solid method of providing remote CAD Admin support.

Whether we host your vault or not, Converge can be your CAD Admin. With two tiers of support, your company can choose the option that fits best. As your remote CAD Admin, we will be responsible for adding users to the vault and handling credentials, ensuring the health of the vault, and altering workflows, folder structure, data cards, templates, etc. based on request. Also, when it’s time to upgrade to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, one upgrade per year is included in this SOLIDWORKS CAD admin service. We’ll administer/support your PDM vault AND upgrade all SOLIDWORKS server components for you when you determine the time is right.


And when combined with our Cloud-hosted platform for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional, our remote SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin services support makes even more sense. What would it mean to your company if you could eliminate the need for on-premise server infrastructure required for PDM, the need to know how to set it up, and the need to administer the vault once your design team is working inside it? Converge can do just that in one single move. Checkmate.