Implementing SOLIDWORKS PDM Made Simple and Cost Effective

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PDM / April 21, 2020


We are living in unprecedented times with lots of uncertainty. Companies are hyper-vigilant of any extra capital expenditures that will not immediately affect the bottom line. However, if your design firm does not have a data management solution in place for all CAD files, then your most valuable asset, your Intellectual Property, is at risk. SOLIDWORKS PDM provides a bevy of tools to make sure all CAD data is secure and accessible to the whole team. Deploying SOLIDWORKS PDM can be complicated and costly, and is only a silver bullet if it’s deployed and administered properly.

What if there was a way to implement SOLIDWORKS PDM simply and cost-effectively? Well, you are in luck because Converge has you covered and your whole organization can benefit from this tool that you may already be entitled to this very second with SOLIDWORKS PDM as a service**.  

Our Managed Cloud PDM Baseline Vault provides you with the data management tools necessary to keep your design projects on-task, AS WELL AS the Cloud-capabilities to enable an entirely remote workforce. No more on-site servers, no more costly downtime when it comes time to update server hardware or upgrade to the next SOLIDWORKS version. This solution helps you get the most out of your investment in SOLIDWORKS CAD tools by granting perpetual access, whether your CAD team is at the office, or is stuck at home social distancing.

We can even provide your organization with remote vault administration with our CAD & PDM Application Management as part of this solution.


So often, SOLIDWORKS PDM gets pushed to the back-burner because of the costs associated with the deployment of the tool.  Converge will deliver you our Baseline Vault with the key components most users are looking for in a data management suite – file revision, a central repository for all CAD data, check-out/in capabilities, etc. We will even spin up your own Private Virtual Network and server to host your PDM vault in the EpiGrid Cloud with full vault management as part of our SOLIDWORKS PDM as a service. Our design team will be fully enabled for remote work, no matter whether your team is at the office, or forced to work from home. 

 Contact us today to learn more about how we can solve your data management issues with SOLIDWORKS PDM as a service.

**PDM Standard is included with all SW Professional and Premium seats