Introducing Multiplexed SOLIDWORKS PDM as a Service

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Cloud,SOLIDWORKS / July 20, 2022

Before cloud solutions promised to solve all of our engineering data management and collaboration problems, there was SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management, commonly referred to as PDM.  Initially created as an on-premise file management solution, PDM was revolutionary at the time because it allowed engineers to collaborate with team members with network access.  As the workforce has transitioned to more remote work, organizations are feverishly looking for ways to increase accessibility and implement SOLIDWORKS PDM as a collaboration and cloud solution.

Barriers to SOLIDWORKS Cloud PDM Total Cost of Ownership


Historically, four barriers have driven up the cost of ownership and slowed PDM’s successful implementation and adoption.  We addressed these in a recent blog.  When many engineering and manufacturing companies add the requirement of secure access for remote design collaboration to the list, these barriers get even more complicated and costly. We developed our Dedicated PDM as a Service offering ten years ago to solve these challenges.  It’s been a cornerstone of our SHaaS (SOLIDWORKS Hosted as a Service). Often referred to by many of our customers as the “PDM easy Button,” this comprehensive service directly addresses or eliminates most PDM barriers and constraints. However, the price point for some small and medium-sized engineering and manufacturing companies was too much of a burden, especially if you count the additional cost of SQL licensing. With rising interest in cloud solutions, it was imperative to find a way to overcome these cost increases and provide the best PDM service value in the industry.

Introducing Multiplexed SOLIDWORKS PDM as a Service. The More Affordable PDM Easy Button

Converge is pleased to announce the industry’s first Multiplexed PDM as a Service offering for SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro and SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.  This solution eliminates the pricing barrier for all engineers and manufacturers by sharinMultiplex-Icon-on-BGg compute and licensing costs to provide a low, fixed monthly cost that is roughly half the cost of our dedicated solution. We believe our new Multiplexed PDM as a Service offering is the equivalent of hitting the PDM easy button.  It has everything you love about PDM without all the burdens and constraints mentioned in this blog post.  You get hassle-free data management and collaboration with your remote design team at a low fixed monthly cost that includes hosting, managed IT services, managed SOLIDWORKS administration services, and SQL (as required) with unlimited CALs.

By directly addressing or eliminating IT constraints, SOLIDWORKS administrative burdens, implementation & data migration challenges, and licensing compliance, our new PDM as a Service offering is the “PDM Easy button” that finally provides engineers hassle-free maximum PDM value.

Save 50% With Multiplexed SOLIDWORKS Cloud PDM as a Service

Our new Multiplexed Cloud PDM as a Service offering builds on our traditional dedicated cloud PDM as a Service offering. It makes it more affordable for you to successfully and quickly implement Solidworks PDM to support design teams regardless of location. This industry-first full-service PDM solution includes implementation at ½ of the industry normal $5000, hosting, managed IT services, managed CAD services, and SQL (as required).  Available with PDM Standard for $299/month & PDM PRO for $499/month.

For more information, visit our Multiplexed Cloud PDM as a Service page or speak with an expert.