Four Ways Your Manufacturing and Engineering Business Is Losing Valuable Resources to SOLIDWORKS CAD Administration

CAD Data Management,SOLIDWORKS / February 20, 2024

Effective administration of SOLIDWORKS CAD systems and processes is crucial for sustained success in the dynamic engineering and design field. Often, this responsibility falls on the shoulders of engineers or designers appointed as fractional or part-time SOLIDWORKS CAD administrators. While addressing various challenges in this role, one overarching concern is the significant drain on valuable engineering resources. This article explores four key ways manufacturers and engineering firms may lose these precious assets to SOLIDWORKS CAD administration, shedding light on the complexities hindering optimal efficiency.

The Challenges:

  1. Complete and Proper Utilization of Existing Licensing: 

    Maximizing the value of SOLIDWORKS CAD software licenses is a constant challenge for companies. Engineers may underutilize these licenses due to a lack of awareness about available features. A strategic approach is essential to ensure that every license is optimized to its full potential, preventing unnecessary resource drain. To learn more about managing your existing licenses effectively, read our blog, Are You Getting Maximum Value From Your SOLIDWORKS CAD Tools? 

  2. Engineering and IT Department and Resource Alignment: 

    The misalignment between engineering and IT departments poses a significant hurdle in SOLIDWORKS system administration. Effective collaboration and communication between these departments are crucial for a smooth workflow. Bridging this gap ensures that you allocate resources efficiently, contributing to a more streamlined SOLIDWORKS operation and preventing unnecessary loss of engineering talent. To learn more about effectively leveraging the collaborative effort between these departments, click here for our blog, Bridging the Gap: Aligning Engineering and IT Departments for Effective CAD Administration. 

  3. Incomplete Process and System Documentation: 

    Inadequate documentation of SOLIDWORKS processes and systems results in confusion and inefficiencies. Identifying gaps in documentation is crucial for enhancing clarity and efficiency. A comprehensive documentation strategy ensures that you preserve knowledge, promote a smoother transition of information within the organization, and prevent resource drain. In our blog, Unraveling the Cost of Inadequate Documentation in Engineering Systems and Processes, you can learn how project success is intricately tied to the efficiency of engineering systems and processes. 

  4. System and Configuration Consistency and Standardization: 

    Maintaining consistency and standardization across SOLIDWORKS systems and configurations is particularly challenging in large organizations with diverse projects. Addressing inconsistencies and establishing standardized practices improves efficiency and reduces errors, fostering a more cohesive workflow and preventing unnecessary loss of engineering resources. Delve into the profound impact of system and configuration consistency and standardization in our blog, Maximizing Efficiency and Performance: The Impact of System and Configuration Consistency in SOLIDWORKS CAD Administration.

Conclusions for Your Manufacturing & Engineering Business:

Addressing the challenges in SOLIDWORKS CAD system administration is vital to preventing the loss of valuable engineering resources. From optimizing licensing utilization to enhancing alignment between engineering and IT departments, improving documentation practices, and ensuring system standardization, businesses can safeguard their assets. This proactive approach allows engineering talent to focus on core responsibilities rather than being lost to administrative tasks, fostering innovation, efficiency, and sustained growth in the competitive landscape of engineering and design.

As we delve deeper into the intricacies of these four challenges in upcoming articles, we invite you to follow along in this blog series. Join us to explore how each topic significantly impacts companies, affecting the allocation of valuable engineering resources and overall efficiency. Stay tuned for valuable insights and practical solutions that can transform how your business approaches SOLIDWORKS system administration, ultimately maximizing productivity and innovation. If you need help with administration, check out our SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM services page to find the right service for your needs.